Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You got my back, right?

I have drawn my own biscuit, to avoid all those annoying crediting things. From now on, all pictures will be my own creation or photography. Take that blogites!

Ok, I am not eating gluten, cause, you know, I am allergic to the world. AND I FEEL BETTER. I am telling all of you so the next time you see me reach for a bag of flour, a slice of bread, or a bushel of wheat you will say "NO CHRISTA!!! YOU FEEL SO MUCH BETTER WHEN YOU ABSTAIN FROM THE GLUTENY DELIGHT OF SUCH FOODS. GLUTEN FREE BISCUITS ARE NOT THAT DIFFERENT!!" Except they are friends, they are so different. They require more jam on top, to mask the lingering flavor of tapioca flour (its baking blasphemy) BUT, all the same...I give you permission to smack me with the holy power of a righteous friend to set me right!

1 comment:

elisabeth said...

ooh just call me whenever you feel weak-- i will sing the praises of gluten avoidance whenever you need me to. nobody else wants to hear that anyway.